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The Scrub Yard Guarantee

The Scrub Yard is committed to ensuring every animal that enters our premises is treated like royalty and leaves looking and feeling their best. We aim to ensure every experience at the Scrub Yard is a positive, restorative and memorable one for you and your dog.

Your dog will be treated as a VIP (Very Important Pooch), given complete respect and groomed at a pace they’re comfortable with. Using positive reinforcement, we work extremely patiently with nervous dogs to calm and acclimatise them to the grooming process, helping them to find a natural rhythm during their time with us.

Regular grooming plays a vital role in your dog’s healthcare regime. Our groomers are experts at being able to get up close and personal without stressing out the animal, so we are able to examine them carefully from nose to tail, root to tip.

It is vital that visits to The Scrub Yard are eagerly anticipated and not seen as a punishment. The team at the Scrub Yard will work diligently to make sure your dog enjoys every visit and we promise to make your pet the focus of everything we do while they’re in our care.

Moreover, the products we use are 100% safe, rigorously researched, time-tested, and, as a result, are the latest, safest and best in the marketplace for your animal. We don’t, and never will, work with any product we wouldn’t use on our own dogs.

Wildwash shampoos and conditioners, for example, are superb plant-based products that provide all natural, highly effective skin and coat care that is kind and gentle on the skin. Les Poochs products use some of the finest ingredients in the world, providing an especially luxurious treat for sea-battered dogs.

The Scrub Yard philosophy is humanity before vanity. It is our responsibility to work WITH you, the owner, to achieve the look you desire for your dog, in line with the total comfort, health and happiness of your dog during their time with us

Welcome aboard!

Jo Taylor, Grooming Manager